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What Is Sadaqah Jariyah, Charity Ever-flowing?

Islam teaches us there are different ways to reward and to give. One way is with sadaqah-jariyah , an act of charity that gives back even after the reward has been given. Seeds can be planted to create trees. Once they are mature they’ll shade your on hot days , and keep you warm in winter. Your good deeds do not end there. Their fruits will continue to supply nourishment throughout the years.

Jariyah is the Arabic word for charity. There are many types jiraiyas that one can support and we’ve selected five of them to illustrate the ways to do it. We hope these examples will motivate you to donate more sadaqah.

Sponsoring a Child/Orphan

There are millions of kids all over the world who have been denied education or do not have the fundamental abilities needed to be successful. This is a shame as these people will never realize the things they’ve been missing. Let us assist them to attain their goals through providing quality early childhood programs that provide every child with the chance to understand how valuable information is and also to take in different perspectives.

It is essential that we collaborate in order to ensure that our children’s generation live better lives than ours now.

The role of individuals in providing for their future generations are often neglected, however it could provide a chance of prosperity and success, and not just for that specific family or individual. When you sponsor a child, you will ensure that they are granted access to a quality education that will give them valuable capabilities should they choose the same path in later life’s road; therefore making the impact of your sponsorship far-reaching than only those who receive help through Child Sponsorship Programmes.

Education, Skills, teaching / spreading awareness of Islam

Islam is a faith that rewards knowledge spreaders. As Muslims have a responsibility to each other as Muslims. We need to communicate the correct information about Islam with other people in order to allow them to benefit from God’s compassion through prayer and other ways. Instructing someone to comprehend and read the Holy Quran will bring you a reward. Every time your student repeats or teaches someone else his or her mantras, they’ll both be learning. Do good deeds instead of just passing away one day.

Construction of a Water Well

Imagine living in a world without pure drinking water. It’s hard enough to obtain the most essential elements of a day. What if, however, you could not access it? It wouldn’t be possible to conduct your everyday activities and maintain good hygiene habits (think health care). It becomes more difficult when you consider the fact that many emerging countries lack the necessary resources to them on their own. They rely heavily upon international assistance that often has little reward besides fame rather than gratitude.

Participating in the Building of a Mosque, School, or Hospital

Many Christians prefer to contribute to a mosque or a school to gain significant rewards. You could also contribute your time and money to help create an orphanage. This is only one example of why giving back to others gives you more satisfaction than purchasing a product with all the prayers.

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