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What Do You Mean By Latency?

Latency is the time it takes your device and your computer to respond to actions like clicking a link. Most people won’t notice any difference in Spotify listening or video streaming, but gamers might have problems because of delays. Satellite internet offers more precise performance than wired connections. It means that players might experience slower performance in games due to high loss rates.

Latency refers to the difference between the way your input is felt (in this case, an anchor), and how fast it’s delivered to other people. The issue of latency can be present when you play online video games or watching YouTube videos. It can affect responsiveness as things might not be as accurate as they should be.

What causes the latency?

Gamers and End-users can experience latency issues. The elements that impact the speed of your play include the distance between you and the server along with other factors such as internet connection type or Wi-Fi’s quality (or lack thereof). Also, you can have an effect on the type of router and modem combination you select there are lots of choices! This doesn’t have the need to be difficult even if you are confused initially. We’ll explain every part of the process here.


Latency, or the amount of time that information takes to travel from one spot within space to another. In this instance we’re talking about how far away your computer is from whatever server(s) that are supplying information requested by that machine . If it’s far enough away, there will be an increase in Latency.

Propagation Delay

Propagation delay is the most important element in determining the latency experienced when browsing on your smartphone or computer. It can also impact other metrics like download speeds or upload speeds as well as wireless connections.

Types of Internet connections

There is a huge distinction in the latency of various internet connections. Cable and DSL have lower latency, while fiber has an average of higher. Satellite is generally slower due to its architecture that needs more space to transmission. This can lead to long wait times, as well as a higher buffering capabilities on websites that which you must access music video or audio files.

What’s on a site?

Did you click on a hyperlink and waited to wait for the page to load before clicking again? This is because the Angelfire page was too complicated. It was filled with The Office memes, so each time you visit it, it takes longer than normal.

Your browser needs to download massive files, like videos or HD images when you go to a site. There may be some delay if the files are stored on a server that is different away from the site you’re currently browsing.

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