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What Are The Features Of the Taxi App?

Mobile solutions are vital to ensure your company is competitive in today’s market. In the past few years, technology has evolved significantly. There are numerous developments popping up everywhere. This includes taxis. Taxis will be different from competitors because it can adapt rapidly to new services such as Uber-like or car rental firms that offer similar services at lower cost and still offer better customer service as traditional taxi companies.

There are a variety of taxi applications available on the market. However, there’s a specific type for established companies that are in need of help. This app permits customers to book rides and expands the number of customers they serve. It also helps drivers locate potential fares faster than before.

Two separate apps were created by the development team to meet the requirements of drivers and passengers. This lets you customize features that give you the exclusive chance to receive exactly what you need without interruptions.

These are the most essential features for driver apps

The taxi industry is facing increasing competition. One important aspect of keeping loyal customers is to make sure that drivers have easy access to their app. Driver-friendly features give new customers and those who are already customers to concentrate on the tasks with less hassle, which ultimately results in more efficient service delivery for all.

Vehicle Tracking System

Drivers prefer using applications that help them save time and offer the best practices. GPS tracking systems track the location of the person in question, however once they share permission it makes it more simple for a driver to locate them at any given time because he or she will be aware of exactly where their family members are.

Button to Check Availability

Drivers are now able make use of their mobiles to let them know they are available to take new calls, and to get more information. Drivers will be notified immediately when there is an order. They can then search for an alternative fare or give additional details, such as their current location.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers will now be able examine their overall performance in comparison to others and collect useful statistics regarding their trips. You can also see feedback from other riders and see if there’s positive or negative remarks.

Sending SMS and email alerts

Important messages from passengers will be relayed to cab drivers via SMS and email alerts. You can also respond to customers’ questions by using an intuitive interface. This is great for both two parties.

Begin/End the Ride

It’s easy to find the location you want to go by using maps. They also provide the locations for pickup and drop-off which make it easier for everyone participants.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

When a user requests transportation they’ll know whether or not it’s been accepted within seconds. If the driver does not respond within 15-30 second of getting the notification from the app, then it is a sign that there aren’t any other vehicles are in the vicinity.

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