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All You Need To Know About Bullheaded NFTs

The market for non-fungible currency is flourishing. Everyday, new, but mostly low-quality, projects are being introduced to the NFT market. When we came up with the idea of Bullheaded NFTs, there was a primary goal in mind: to create something that could be included in the top of the best. Think of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, or the like. We’re happy to announce that we succeeded. Find out how you can be a part of it before the general public becomes aware of us.

What are Bullheaded NFTs and how do they function?

Bullheaded NFTs, 7,777 fully customized items, are designed to show bully breed dogs that come in various styles, backgrounds, or other characteristics. Every token is registered on Ethereum in accordance with the ERC-721 standard. This ensures ownership security and the security of transactions for future holders. The collection’s goal is to follow in the footsteps of globally renowned projects, which demonstrated that often all NFTs have to provide extremely reliable intellectual property, exclusive on,-and offline benefits and plans to get enthusiastic about, in order to gain a following.

Bullheaded NFTs will accomplish this, and much more: the collection will not only be among the broadest and stunning artworks in the industry but will also offer a range of benefits and perks for holders that are expected to create an organic demand and increase value for the BullHeads.

What makes Bullheaded NFTs special?

Let’s look in-depth at why BullHeads stands out from other brands. First, let’s not forget the incredible quality and variety of their artwork. Each BullHead is generated randomly from more than 160 characteristics and specifications. They each have their unique personality, with a lively combination of facial expressions, futuristic clothes and eyewear as well as weapons and other features. BullHeads are predicted to be sought-after, and their prices will rise significantly when they become publicly traded.

Moving on to the exclusive features and benefits owning BullHeads BullHead gives. Our aim was not to just produce intellectual assets of high-value with no value, but to make the most of digital ownership through NFTs, and to provide BullHeads with numerous benefits. These include accessing an exclusive club of global holders benefits related to blockchain, and private event. There are numerous others coming from areas like DeFi P2E Gaming, BullHead DAO and airdrops.

What is the Bullheaded NFT plan of action?

We’re proud to be on an agenda that promises exciting times. Bullheaded NFTs’ future looks like an exciting journey. It will be a long-lasting experience that you won’t want to come to an end.

How to get your Bullheaded NFT

Follow our social media accounts, and you can buy the BullHeads pre-minted for 0.7 ETC plus gas. Or, grab your coins at the public mint for 0.8 ETC + gas. Let’s take this journey together. The Bullheaded community is waiting for you.

For more information, click BullHeaded NFTs

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